Relapse (16mm short film)

Relapse (16mm)

Course: Conceptual Design: Wild Card aka short film
Type: short film shot on 16mm camera
Location: North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Production time: February 2015 till June 2015
Role: Co-writer, Co-producer, Make-up
Group size: 4 students + 2 actors
Camera: ARRI ST16
Status: Completed

Summary: Relapse is a collaborative project shot on a 16mm film. It was a dream for us young filmmakers coming true when we got our hands on the precious 16mm material. During shooting we encountered numerous obstacles and learnt a lot.

Long story short: Relapse is the story of Oliver, who got abducted and is caught in a cellar. He somehow manages to get free, only to fall into the hands of his captor again.