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Who am I?
Long Story: Denise E. Likomeno

Short: DEL

My name is Denise E. Likomeno, I am 23 years old and live in Germany. Since 2013 I’ve been studying Communication Design at FH Aachen University of Applied Science. While gaining basic knowledge in a variety of design disciplines (graphic design, typography, photography, illustration, animation) I soon fell in love with filmmaking. Firstly treating it as a mere hobby, I grew alongside my projects and became more professional and ambitious, to the point where it wasn’t just a hobby but a serious craft and career I want to pursue.

In September 2015 I went abroad for 6 months in order to study Media Production at Coventry University in England (Click here to read my research blog). Experiencing the differences in teaching a creative subject was very refreshing and rewarding. It taught me to appreciate certain aspects of my German university more and helped me gaining more confidence and experience, especially when it comes to presentations/ pitches in English and international collaboration. To this day I still develop and polish project ideas together with some of my former classmates who are scattered throughout Europe.