Three young adults wake up in a maze, after an accident. While trying to escape they find themselves transforming into surreal beings. But danger is looming.

Cankuna was our first “real” short film. Real because we carefully thought about the film and planned it, instead of diving into it, head over heels. The production process taught us a lot about film making: being efficient, how to handle actors, set design and costume making. But most of all it taught us how to solve problems and the necessity of having a larger crew, so that the producer isn’t also the 1st AD, make-up artist, prop & costume maker, editor and VFX editor. While the film does by no means show the level my work is now, it shows where I came from and how I developed since then.

a collaborative project by: Corinna Jegelka, Denise E. Likomeno &  Anna Joppich
Shooting time: ~ 4,5 days
Idea & Planning: ~ 3 months
Premiere: 08.07.2015


Stills from the film



Behind the Scenes

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