HoloSounds – Music Through Holograms

HoloSounds was an experimental exhibition, exploring the possibilities and use of so called “holograms” in media, I planned and organised with a team during my time at Coventry University. What we call “hologram” is actually a more handy version of the “Peppers Ghost Illusion”. It works with reflections and then creates an image that looks like a hologram.

“Holosounds is an experimental exhibition by 2nd year Coventry students, who combined self-built hologram pyramids and video footage of musicians in order to present music and sound in a different and exciting way. By using a pyramid made of acrylic glass and a display, an ordinary video can come alive just in front of your eyes. Inside the pyramid the video will just look like a floating holographic image.” from the event’s page

Pictures (more pictures on the project’s website)

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Video of the exhibition

a collaborative project by: Adam Parker-Randall, Denise E. Likomeno, Laura Nolo, Tingyi Jiang & Yingqi Zhao
Idea by Denise E. Likomeno
Additional links:
Project’s website
Project’s Facebook page