Kleiner Mann ganz gross

“I have to kill the president.”, Tim suddenly realises while watching the news.
Tired of the status quo, he takes matters into his own hands to become the hero Germany deserves.

Tim is a young, unemployed and prejudiced man. His days consist of watching tv, going for a drink with his friends and trying to avoid the responsibilities imposed on him by the labour office. After his daily dose of bad news with its scare tactics on tv, he decides that the current state Germany is in, has to end. His quick solution: Killing the president and the chancellor to provoke change and become the hero of the world, while also giving his life a meaning.

A collaborative project by Chris Carle, Denise E. Likomeno and Frédéric Hansen.
Production time: ~ 6 1/2 days
Idea & Planning: 2-3 months
Premiere: 13.07.2016

Stills from the film: