Showtime Bumper SoSe 2016

What if Hogwarts was in fact a design school? And what if the arch enemy of every designer – Comic Sans – becomes a deadly weapon?

In my course, everyone knows the “Bumper” they are short, little clips, announcing the categories at our university’s film festival – Showtime. From kittens to grown cats or old school mime, the Bumper were cute or funny. And often forgotten afterwards. Deciding to tell a little story this time, while trying to spend as little money as possible, the idea of doing “obvious trash” was soon born. With about 30€ we decided to transfer Harry Potter to a Design School. Instead of learning to defeat dementors, our students worry about CMYK and the ever hated Comic Sans….

-film coming soon-

a collaborative project by: Corinna Jegelka, Denise E. Likomeno & Lisa Bössen
Shooting time: ~ 12 hours
Idea & Planning: roughly 2 weeks
Premiere: 13.07.2016

Stills from the film: