Showtime Bumper WS 2016/17

An ordinary girl finds herself trapped in her university’s building, with danger lurking around every corner, trying to kill her. An homage to the horror genre.

The “Showtime Bumper WS 2016/17” are short video clips for FH Aachen’s film festival called Showtime. The video clips announced the different film categories, while also telling a story. Within the video clips, forming a short film, we were able to explore the horror genre, with our goal to include typical clichés and well-known horror film moments, while trying to imitate a low-budget and trashy look.

A collaborative project by Chris Carle, Denise E. Likomeno, Frédéric Hansen, Natalie Meyer & Sayhmin Ly
Music by Joel Nielsen (Black Mesa Soundtrack)
Shooting time: approx. 8-10 hours
Idea & Planning: 2,5 weeks
Premiere: 31.01.2017


Stills from the film